Blessings of Mossy Creek

Berta Platas' Blessings of Mossy Creek

BLESSINGS OF MOSS CREEK (The Mossy Creek Series Book 4)
by Berta Platas
Publisher: BelleBooks
Release Date: June 10, 2004

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The good-hearted citizens of Mossy Creek, Georgia are in a mood to count their blessings. Maybe it’s the influence of the new minister in town, who keeps his sense of humor while battling a stern church treasurer. Maybe it’s the afterglow of Josie McClure’s incredibly romantic wedding to the local “Bigfoot.” Or maybe it’s the new baby in Hank and Casey Blackshear’s home.

As autumn gilds the mountains, town gossip columnist Katie Bell, has persuaded Creekites to confess their joys, trouble, and gratitudes. As always, that includes a heapin’ helping of laughter, wisdom and good-old-fashioned scandal.