The hobby monster

As I was tidying up today I was struck again by how much gear I’ve collected. I have a lot of interests. Too many, really. I enjoy writing, but I also love drawing, painting and sculpture, as well as sewing, crochet, quilting , costumes and masks. I refuse to give any of it up, because I return to each of them as inspiration hits me. Pinterest is my friend. Could I get rid of some of them? Of course. I haven’t done a piece of intricate embroidery in a long time, but I did a cross stitch piece last year that was fun to do. If I’d gotten rid of all the embroidery gear I would have had to buy more to do that piece. What some might see as clutter I see as friendly inspiration. I no longer do dollhouse miniatures, but I enjoy the pieces I made. Right now I have my eye on a giant wall-mounted paper mache dragon head I want to make. I think I’ll start with the eyes.